Meetup on March 24th, 2021

Our next film is Daisies (1966), directed by Vera Chytilov√°.

March is Women’s History month, and our members have voted for two excellent (and very different) films to watch and discuss, each celebrating women in cinema. Our next selection will be Daisies (1966), directed by Vera Chytilov√°.

Daisies is a wild, provocative, experimental cinematic collage, utilizing unique editing techniques and nonlinear action to create an unbridled and singular proto-feminist expression of the Czech New Wave. We follow two young women (Marie 1 and Marie 2) through a variety of chaotic scenarios and pranks, often involving unsuspecting men and ‘polite’ society. Chytilov√° resisted admitting to any sociopolitical agenda, but was still heavily censored for her work by Czech authorities. The film remains a fascinating capsule of one woman’s artistic vision during a time of political upheaval and burgeoning creative spirit.

Daisies is available on iTunes ($3.99), HBO Max, and the Criterion Channel. You may also find extensive footage on Vimeo and Youtube. We will be discussing the film on March 24th at 8:00pm EDT on Slack. You can watch a trailer here.

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