The Shining

Below you will find written and video materials to supplement your experience with this film. Be aware that some essays and video essays may contain spoilers.

Critical Essays

Isolated Madness (Roger Ebert)

‘The Shining’ Will Turn Us Around and Around, Forever and Ever (The Ringer)

The Shining: Every Theory On What Kubrick’s Movie Is Really About (Screen Rant)

The Autonomous Camera in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (Sydney Studies)

A Dramaturgical Analysis of The Shining (Senses of Cinema)

The Shining: All work and no play… (Int’l Journal of Psychology)

The lasting impact of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (Den of Geek)

Contextual Reading

The Shining producer explains ending changes

The Shining’s Overlook Hotel: REAL Location & Design Inspiration Explained

The Shining’s Odd Connection to David Lynch’s Eraserhead

Work and Life of Stanley Kubrick


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